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TRASHING THE PLANET. How science can help us deal with acid rain, depletion of the ozone and nuclear waste (among other things)
Dixy Lee Ray with Lou Guzzo
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Regnery Gateway

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  • Tipo de narración: Manual

  • ISBN: 9781455117611


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TRASHING THE PLANET. How science can help us deal with acid rain, depletion of the ozone and nuclear waste (among other things)

Autor: Dixy Lee Ray with Lou Guzzo

“Trashing the Planet is the one book you need to get a sure, common-sense grasp on the contentious issues where science and politics overlap, and where environmental-ism moves from well-meaning idealism to counterproductive eco-terrorism.

Dixy Lee Ray—former governor of Wash­ington, chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, assistant secretary of state in the US. Bureau of Oceans, and long-time member of the Zoology faculty of the Uni­versity of Washington—writes with the simplicity of a journalist and the intellectual power of a professional scientist.

Dr. Ray exposes how little the public knows about the environment and how piddling are man's influences upon it— volcanoes shoot far more pollutants into the atmosphere than do all of man's industrial activities—and how complex are the inter­actions of natural phenomena.

Rushing to solve "problems" without ade­quate information, she points out, is fre­quently counterproductive—as with the radon scare, for example. Radon has become a problem only since the desire to conserve energy resulted in the use of insu­lation that does not allow radon to escape naturally, and harmlessly, into the atmosphere.

Dr. Ray refutes the contention that wind power and solar power are legitimate alter­native energy resources; they are in fact more expensive and more dangerous than nuclear power. She calls for environmental­ists to regain a sense of perspective, stop hating humanity, and deal with facts instead of letting their ardor carry them into the realm of "noble lies." As Dr. Ray notes, "This old earth has been through a lot, including drastic cli­mate changes, without any help from humans....Our responsibility is to be good stewards of the environment and to remem­ber that a well-tended garden is better than a neglected woodlot."

Trashing the Planet is a breath of fresh air in the current debate dominated by rhe­torical extremism (de las solapas del libro).


Part One


1. Who Speaks for Science?

2. The Good Old Days?

3. It Works Better If You Plug It In


4. Greenhouse Earth

5. Acid Rain

6. "Acid Rain" for Insects: Pesticides

7. The Alar, Asbestos, PCB, and Dioxin Scares


Radiaton Aroun Us

Nuclear Medicine

Power from the Atom, the Sun, and the wind Nuclear Waste

Part Four


Environmentalism and the future


Regnery Gateway

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